About us
Winvestor is the first investment property brokerage company in Thailand which collect only investment property in a form
of fully managed (Manages Services Investment Property) which answer investors’ need. Accordingly, investors do not need
to find customers themselves. On the other hand, investors will compare and estimate risk and return on investment only.
Therefor, every investment has risks, especially the Condotel that has been deceived. And deceive many fund raisings which
did not receive the expected return or the project does not occur, including Real Estate Coach, there is a trick to investors to
buy property that cannot be sold out. As a result, investment is not reliable. That’s why Winvestor was created to solve the
pain point at this point.Winvestor focusing on 3 main aspects which are
1 Neutral property investment
analysis, providing all knowledge
to investors before making
investment decisions.

2 Develop Freelance Agent to
have financial knowledge and
investment before presenting
products to customers.
3 Establish standards for investment
properties, build credibility and
the trust of customers.


   Winvestor provides consultancy services specializing in investment property.

   Our investment expertise encompasses Hotel, Condotel, Residences,
Retirement Property, Office Property etc.

   We focus on secure investment strategies offering both short term and
long term earning from secure and reliable tenants.

   Our professional experience ensures we are best placed to identify, and
take advantage of the most attractive investment property opportunities
in Thailand’s key markets and helping investor understand risk and return.

  We are experienced in representing investors seeking to gain exposure in
investment property markets, provide strategic advice at all stages from
sourcing and identification, through to negotiation, earning simulation, legal,
contract signing, due diligence and asset management. 

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