What is IP ?

Investment Property was created specifically for investors which clearly
different from residential real estate that trading for speculation of price
or rental fees. Because investment properties have business plan which
generates revenue from buildings. Managed by professional management
brand and focus on making profits back to owners or holders whether
leasehold or freehold.

Therefore, Investment Property investors can hold assets to receive benefits
without the need of management or prepare any cost of maintenance expenses.
Moreover, many projects are also offering special benefits to investors.

Consequently, the important thing for investors to buy investment properties is to understand the business plan of investment properties
which will generate income for investors in order to calculate the expected return more than projects’ special offers.
Then, we summarized 10 principles for choosing investment properties as follows

Set investment goals,
investment period and
expected return on
Check the project owners,
owner experiences,
authorized capital,
construction raising funds
and project construction
Consider the location of
the project and the use of
investment properties
Check demand and supply
of location
Check growth rate
information and future
competitors potential
Check the asset
management team
which will manage and
create assets for investors
Understand the business
plan and the estimated
revenue for the future
Request information about
costs or expenses of before
and after investment,
then realize which part
of investor responsible for
Calculate expected return
then compare with the
project return guaranteed
and also compare
with the end of guaranteed
Consider the discount of
investment, special offers,
and benefits
after investment
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